Olivia Ponton Identifies As Bisexual

It was likely on February 18, 2020, the first time they ever made a social media post together, that the two met for the first time as it seems he was visiting her house in Florida at the time. And the very first social media post they did together was a TikTok clip on Kio’s page. Olivia later posted another TikTok video about meeting a guy in the mall which is really confusing when you consider they met at the airport. Olivia Ponton is currently in a relationship with her new boyfriend Kio Cyr. The couple has openly accepted their relationship and occasionally post pictures together.

Olivia Ponton: Net Worth, Salary

Sadly, their love took an unexpected turn as they parted their ways. Her former boyfriend Kio is a video creator and TikTok star best known for his lip-syncs, transitions, trends, challenges, and other entertaining videos. Kio embraces mixed ethnicity as his mother is Thai and his dad is French Canadian. Moreover, being a workout enthusiast, she thesnackapp followed a perfect diet plan for healthy living. What’s more, Olivia shared her workout and diet plan videos posted on TikTok with her admirers who follow her. Know all in the their source, the first minutes as an online celebrity, their girlfriends, their elite group pursuits, and all of another not familiar circumstances down on the headings.

They opted to keep their relationship a secret for a long time but revealed it in April 2020. Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, they are staying in quarantine in their homes. Ponton posted a TikTok video with a caption,’I Miss My Angel’ for her celebrity boyfriend. TikTok actress Olivia Ponton is too young to get married. However, that doesn’t rule out the case for falling in love.

Olivia Ponton’s Early Life & Family

She thought he was attractive and complimented his teeth in an Instagram Story reply. Then, Kio responded by praising her teeth in an Instagram Story reply as well. Yeah, they got close over on social media and weren’t really catfished. TikTok is, without a doubt, one of the most popular apps at the moment. The world’s youth have really taken to TikTok, a platform where influencers create videos daily for social media and streaming platforms. She exudes positivity and tries to preach it to others, too.

Ponton Told you Cyr Duped For her

In June 2016, Olivia started getting active on her Instagram account, and in no time because of her bubbly personality and stunning figure she received a lot of fame. She casually used to post pictures of her life in Florida and some clips from modeling. She managed to get 188 thousand followers in a short time on her self-built profile. Currently, she has more than 1.7 million followers and has a huge fan base on Tik Tok as well.

Hes plus the President regarding “the look.” His other brand, Lacuna Clothes having a keep towards the icon will bring hoodies and you may t-shirts. In the ages of 18-19, he had been with the Varsity Football to possess Olympia Senior school. He graduated off Olympia Senior high school inside the 2019.

The screen went black right before Kio and Olivia made out. This was followed by a lot of social media flirting and hinting. There were dozens of more photos posted and videos documenting their romance throughout March, but April was when things became official.

Also, he produces other types of appealing videos for his community of followers. Kio is of mixed-race having a French dad and a Thai mother. Olivia does everything within her means to maintain a flexible physique for her thriving modelling career. She is already addicted to the habit of working out and keeping her fans cracking to her hilarious videos. She is a natural beauty with hazel eyes and blonde hair.

Olivia’s recently only started her Twitter account in March 2020 and still has over 36,000 followers already. But she does regularly feature on her boyfriend’s YouTube channel. Sway House’s Kio Cyr met Olivia Ponton on social media, and it all started with compliments about each other’s teeth. They met at an airport in Florida in mid-February and kept denying that they were dating before making things unofficially official with a throwback TikTok post from Olivia in mid-April. Deciding to give modeling a shot, she snapped some photos of herself and submitted them to agencies based in Miami because she wanted to work the one close to her home in Florida. Then she got an amazing response from Wilhelmina Models, and she knew that it was where she wanted to work.

As of 2020, she is 18 years old and her birth sign is Gemini. Talking about Olivia’s family, she has not given any insight into her family members. However, she has kept her personal life away from the limelight.

As per her family life, there is not much information regarding her parents or siblings. She is one of those personalities who prefers to keep her personal life away from media attention. However, their relationship ended by the time 2020 did. Olivia Marie ended up swapping contacts with a female agent. She was flown out to California for a shoot and fell in love with modeling.

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