Cole Sprouse Calls Out Insane Fans Who Reported A Photo Of His Girlfriend For Violence And Incitement

“I love this so much. Congratulations you two ❤️,” Lili wrote. See today’s front and back pages, download the newspaper, order back issues and use the historic Daily Express newspaper archive. During their time together, Lili and Cole are thought to have had an on-off romance. They have also been pictured together at various red carpet events, including prestigious fashion extravaganza the Met Gala.

Over the years, the co-stars have continued to play coy about the status of their relationship. “Their relationship is always up and down,” the insider said at the time, “but they bang pals unblock do talk every day and care very much about one another.” Although the news seems pretty sudden, there might be some hope that Sprousehart will get back together eventually.

Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart first met on the set of Riverdale in 2016, where they began an on-again, off-again romance that would last for nearly three years. Lili shared another photo from their shoot captioned, “You go first.” “You have to have spaces for reverence in the industry,” he continued. Lili and Cole finally made their red carpet debut at the 2018 Met Gala. Without a doubt, this was the most fabulous way to confirm their relationship. “Mental illness gets worse when people say that you don’t have a right to feel the way you do. That’s where we are dailing. Do not encourage this behavior,” she tweeted.

I mean, they didn’t talk about [their relationship] the entire time, until just recently,” she said. ”So, it’s nice that they’re able to now, like, be public with it, so it’s not so under wraps. But at the same time, they’re in complete control of what they want to share and how they want to share it,” she added. “Behind the scenes, they’re so sweet with each other and they’re both just exceptional people.”

Cole Sprouse Reveals He’s Been Sober For About A Year & Credits GF With Helping ‘Improve’ His Life

While Cole Sprouse was attending NYU, he became fascinated with photography. The actor, who had previously always been in front of the camera, became infatuated with traveling to places and staying behind the camera to capture life’s beautiful moments. Soon, he would begin capturing his beautiful Riverdale co-stars, most notably his on- and off-screen-love, Lili Reinhart; work with fashion magazines like Teen Vogue; and photograph supermodels like Kendall Jenner.

“I’m so thankful that our paths intertwined to form this beautiful adventure. Happy Birthday, my love.” 
Later that month, the cast of Riverdale attended the 2018 Teen Choice Awards, but Lili and Cole did not walk the red carpet together. Cole and Lili are setting the record straight about their relationship just in time for Valentine’s Day. Amid rumors that the pair broke up, Cole posted a hauntingly beautiful image of Lili laying in the snow. Lili also put her love for Cole on display by posting a photo of the film poster for Cole’s most recent movie, Five Feet Apart, to her Instagram Stories. Underneath Cole’s photo, Lili wrote “That’s My Boy.” We’re so here for Bughead PDA in real life.

According to the outlet, Kopech had filed for divorce in his native state of Texas on June 19, 2020. Vanessa Morgan, well known for her work on the popular teen drama series Riverdale, has been making headlines recently regarding her married life to baseball player Michael Kopech. Sumila is a Nepal-based freelance content writer and lifelong learner with an ongoing curiosity to learn new things.

August 19, 2020: Sprouse confirmed that the couple separated in January and officially broke up in March.

The same month that Cole and Lili appeared together on the cover of W Magazine, numerous news outlets began reporting that the real-life Bughead was donezo. The two remained quiet on social media after the summer reports and the W cover release, until Reinhart posted a series of photos that included one of the couple kissing. In August, Reinhart discussed facing her depression “head-on” during the pandemic in an interview with Refinery29. “In moments of my life, I have dropped every ounce of pride that I had just to be like, ‘Love me. Please take the pain away for a day, a second, an hour,’ just so I can feel that fix again.”

Though she isn’t as famous as Lili, her following is increasing quite rapidly. Basically, Cole Sprouse’s present girlfriend is an upcoming model. She is currently working with several modeling agencies including Folio, Elite Model, and Premier Model Management.

“Lil @LiliReinhart was born on a Friday the 13th and haven’t I just been so lucky ever since? Cole continues to spam our feed with gorgeous photos he took of Lili (by “spam,” we definitely mean bless). A peach emoji is involved, and I stop writing this timeline to watch Call Me by Your Name. Cole took a break from the industry while attending New York University in 2011.

“Cole had said he had the biggest crush on you shooting ‘Friends,’” Access Hollywood’s Kit Hoover said during a joint interview with Aniston and her “Murder Mystery 2” costar Adam Sandler. Jennifer Aniston had a sweetly surprised reaction to being told that actor Cole Sprouse had a huge crush on her when he acted alongside her on “Friends” as a child. “Distance is never good for their relationship. They decided not to quarantine together and knew off the bat that it wasn’t going to work,” another source said. “They both know their communication is better when they are together in person, and it just wasn’t working.” So far, Sprouse or Fournier have confirmed they are now dating.

While Lili Reinhart on the other hand is more reserved on social media and has spoken out about the negative effects of online hate and bullying. I guess all we can do now is wait and hope that Lili uploads another ~adorable~ picture of these two for Cole’s birthday in a few days, perhaps this time she’ll use “boyfriend” instead of “pal.” Fournier’s upbringing likely contributed to her passion for animals, specifically horses.

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